Operation Market Garden 70th anniversary

Multi-national veterans group in our hotel

Monument at Heelsum

Nice sentiment, bench near the monument at Heelsum


Sherman in memory of the Calgary Regiment who liberated Ede in April 1945

Monument on DZ Y



C-47 flypast, Wolfheze

The drainage tunnel under the railway line near Wolfheze

Oosterbeek CWGC Cemetery

Memorial to Pfc Joe E Mann near Best

Memorial to Lt Col Robert G Cole

The bridge at Son

Location of one of the German 8,8cm guns in Eindhoven

Valkenswaard CWGC Cemetery

Overloon CWGC Cemetery

JS-II in the grounds of the Overloon museum

Memorial to forced labourers, Overloon

Bailey Bridge, Overloon

Sherman and memorial to 7th Armored Division, Overloon

Mook CWGC Cemetery

Groesbeek CWGC Cemetery

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